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Berlin, November 1989 - MI6 specialist James Gasciogne (Sam Hargrave) is going through the lanes as he is being pursued by somebody in an auto. They make up for lost time to him and hammer him into another auto before sticking Gasciogne between the two. His assailant, Yuri Bakhtin (Johannes Johannesson), ventures out of the auto. Gasciogne jests about trusting his executioner would be another person, before Bakhtin shoots him in the head. Bakhtin takes the watch off Gasciogne's wrist and after that dumps his body in the stream.

After ten days, another specialist, Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron), rises up out of a tub of ice water shrouded in wounds. She at that point heads to a questioning with her prevalent Eric Gray (Toby Jones) and CIA specialist Emmett Kurzfeld (John Goodman). Behind the two-way reflect is MI6 head Chief C (James Faulkner), tuning in on the discussion. In the time since Gasciogne's passing, both MI6 and the CIA have been endeavoring to find The List, which contains the data of dynamic Soviet field operators. It is said that Gasciogne was double-crossed by an operator named Conrad Satchel, who sold ordered data to the Soviets.

We backpedal to the day after Gasciogne's murder. It's recommended that he and Lorraine were personally included. She is sent to Berlin to get The List and slaughter Satchel. Lorraine is to meet with her contact, David Percival (James McAvoy).

Percival is presented in a bar where he meets with a Stasi officer, codenamed Spyglass (Eddie Marsan), who is set to abscond toward the west. Spyglass knows data about The List, and Percival needs replies.

KGB arms merchant Aleksander Bremovych (Roland Moller) is after The List for himself. He faces a gathering of road punks conveyed to him by his partners in crime who claim to have seen Spyglass. Bremovych beats one of the punks and requests his men to discover Spyglass.

Lorraine touches down in Berlin and is escorted by two men to meet with Percival, just for her to rapidly understand that the two are KGB operators working for Bremovych, which means she has been traded off. Lorraine assaults one of the men utilizing her shoe before making the driver of their fender bender. She at that point meets Percival, who was driving behind them and saw the entire thing. He continues to join her in their central goal. Unbeknownst to her, Lorraine is being viewed by a puzzling lady from a separation

Amid her stay in Berlin, Lorraine reaches The Watchmaker (Til Schweiger), a partner of MI6 who additionally happens to tinker with watches.

Lorraine goes to Gasciogne's condo where she discovers photographs of himself with Percival. Before long, cops enter the building, constraining Lorraine to take them on. She whips them all with her clench hands and some link before utilizing it to swing out a window (while it's wrapped around an officer's neck). Back in the questioning, Lorraine specifies that she considered that Percival had sent them since he was the main other individual that knew she would go to the condo.

Lorraine later goes to a bar where she meets a French agent, Delphine Lasalle (Sofia Boutella), the lady who was following Lorraine before. The two begin talking before going some place private. Delphine kisses Lorraine, however Lorraine has been suspicious of Delphine's expectations. She squeezes her against the divider and inquiries why she's been searching for her. At the point when Delphine demonstrates to not be a danger, she and Lorraine start to connect.

Bakhtin reemerges and meets with The Watchmaker to attempt and offer Gasciogne's watch, which is the thing that contains The List. Bakhtin tries to approach Percival with the watch close by, yet Percival puts an ice pick in Bakhtin's mind and takes The List for himself. He examines the watch himself and sees the names of the considerable number of specialists.

Percival tries to enable Lorraine to escort Spyglass to West Berlin. Amazingly, Spyglass' significant other and youngster have gone along. They endeavor to darken Spyglass through the roads as KGB operators are investigating them. Percival at that point turns and shoots Spyglass in the gut. Lorraine at that point takes him into a condo complex to abstain from being spotted. KGB operators at that point begin to assault, driving Lorraine to battle every one of them going down the stairwell. This completes onto the boulevards as Lorraine tries to head out with Spyglass, just to continue being found by specialists. Lorraine's auto falls into the waterway, and in spite of the fact that she tries to spare him, Spyglass perishes.

Delphine connects with Percival subsequent to taking in his actual thought processes. She had been shooting him with Gasciogne and is building up the photos when Percival sneaks into her flat and tries to choke her with a garrote. Delphine tries to battle him yet she is slaughtered. Lorraine shows up past the point of no return and discovers Delphine's body.

Lorraine later discovers Percival after he has copied down his safehouse. She shoots him once and decides he was Satchel. Percival pronounces his adoration for Berlin before Lorraine puts a slug in his mind. She at that point takes the List from him.

We come back to the present as Lorraine completes the questioning. She gives Gray and Kurzfeld the photographs of Percival and sound recordings to demonstrate her is a swindler. Whenever inquired as to whether she knows where The List is presently, Lorraine denies it. Dark at that point shuts the case.

After three days, Lorraine goes to Paris and meets with Bremovych under the pretense of giving him The List. Bremovych knows Lorraine is not who she says she is, and a bundle of his men start to encompass her. Lorraine hauls her weapon out of an ice container and starts to empty on every one of the goons before leaving Bremovych for last. She drops her British articulation, uncovering she was Satchel from the start, having been a triple operator with the CIA. She at long last executes Bremovych.

The film finishes up with Lorraine joining Kurzfeld on a plane back to the States.
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