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The Handmaid's Tale is an American TV arrangement made by Bruce Miller in view of the 1985 novel of a similar name by Canadian essayist Margaret Atwood. It was requested by spilling administration Hulu with a straight-to-arrangement request of 10 scenes, with the creation starting in late 2016.

The initial three scenes of the arrangement debuted April 26, 2017, with ensuing scenes included a week after week premise. In May 2017, The Handmaid's Tale was reestablished for a moment season to debut in 2018.

In a tragic not so distant future, the totalitarian and Christian fundamentalist administration of Gilead guidelines the previous United States in the midst of a progressing common war. Society is sorted out along another, mobilized, various leveled administration of Old Testament-enlivened social and religious zeal and recently made social classes, in which ladies are ruthlessly enslaved, and by law are not permitted to work, control cash, or read. Far reaching barrenness because of fighting actuated ecological sullying has brought about the induction of the few staying ripe ladies — called Handmaids, as per Biblical point of reference — who are appointed to the homes of the decision tip top, where they should submit to ritualized sex with their male experts so as to end up noticeably pregnant and bear kids for those men and their spouses.

The principle character, Offred (Moss), is the Handmaid alloted to the home of Gileadean Commander Fred Waterford (Fiennes) and his previous TV minister spouse Serena Joy (Strahovski), and in that capacity is liable to the strictest guidelines and steady examination; a shameful word or deed on her part can prompt her execution. Offred, who is named after her male ace like all Handmaids, can recall the "time before", when she was hitched with a little girl and had her own particular name and character, however everything she can securely do now is take after the principles of Gilead with the expectation that she can some time or another live free and rejoin with her girl.

Offred, who is expelled to her room, goes into the storeroom where she finds the Latin expression Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundoru scratched into the divider. Rita, the Commander's servant, discovers Offred lying in the wardrobe, so Offred discloses to her she blacked out. Trusting she is wiped out, Serena has Offred sent to the doctor's facility for a registration. While inspecting Offfed, the specialist comments that the Commander is sterile, on the grounds that "a large portion of those folks are". In flashbacks, Aunt Lydia instructs the handmaids (counting June and Moira) about the "Service" – when the Commander engages in sexual relations with a handmaid. Afterward, June baits Aunt Elizabeth into the washroom saying a can has flooded, and Moira debilitates the Aunt with a shiv. June and Moira take her to the cellar where Moira takes the Aunt's outfit and they tie her up. June and Moira start their escape, wanting to leave by means of prepare to Boston, which has safehouses. At the point when Moira is approaching one of the watchmen for headings, June is drawn closer by another monitor who is suspicious of her being distant from everyone else. Moira can get on the prepare, abandoning June, however June gives her a grin letting her know it's alright. June is later rebuffed by having her feet whipped. In the present, Commander Waterford has an unsuccessful Ceremony night with Offred. Soon thereafter, the Commander and Offred have another session of Scrabble where she gets some information about the Latin expression; he discloses to her it signifies "Don't give the mongrels a chance to crush you down". She likewise asks about the past Offred, in which he discloses to her that she submitted suicide since life was deplorable. He makes it realized that he doesn't need that to happen again and discharges Offred from her isolation.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно
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